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Building your own website is exciting! But you have to consider the following factors carefully before choosing a hosting provider if you want to avoid moving your website from one host to another in the future. . .




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The Search Engine Submission Software webposition gold is made by . Over one million installations of all-in-one search engine submission software since 1995.

Top 20 Search Engine Submission and Ranking Guaranteed - Hundreds of clients use our top search engine ranking service.

My average "hits" per month prior to using your search engine optimization and placement service were about 60-80,000. Now I'm getting that many "hits" per week... I'd say a good overall investment.
--Mark, Netwell Noise Control

It is a valuable and easy to use tool that automates the process of instantly submitting your web site to over 800,000 engines.
--ZDNET TOP Award Winner

With the ranking utility, I can monitor the position of my website within the top 200 of the major search engines. This is so useful for the ranking professionals, since we can see the progress every 2 weeks. Neat!

Thanks so much for the great help from your technical support department. You are real experienced guys on SE ranking area.
--webwatch Inc.

I use different connection (modem, cable and firewall) to try the tool. They all work very well. The software is pretty suitable for our company situation.
--Posted on ZDnet by D.S.
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WebPosition Gold is a stylishly designed search engine submission software and web optimization software. Its seven major components help you to track and analyze your web site ranking with major search engines. You can generate custom-designed, portal pages designed to maximize search engine appeal with Page Generator; analyze the design and keyword usage on any page in your site using Page Critic; use the Upload Manager to update your website; automate search engine submission with Submitter; use Reporter to see how highly your pages are placed on the search engines; analyze the search-engine performance of your pages over time using Traffic Analyzer; and create automatic submission and tracking routines using Scheduler. The webposition gold software produces detailed reports and provides hundreds of useful tips as you work with it. It's a powerful, well-produced product
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