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TOP 10 & 20 Search Engine Ranking Service FAQ

The following FAQ is for those customers who would like to use our Guraranteed TOP 10 & TOP 20 search engine ranking services. If you want to purchase All-in-One Submission Software only, please click here for details.

What if I want a guarantee of top 10 rankings rather than top 20?
With each promotion package we guarantee top 20 placement. We should note that on average over 1/3 of the rankings we generate for our clients land in positions 1-5, and 1/3 land in positions 6-10. This places a far majority of your guaranteed top listings in the top 10 results. While we cannot make any specific guarantees the same will apply to all industries, this has been the results we usually achieve. If you are still only interested in guaranteed top 10, please contact us for special pricing.

How much or often do I pay?

Each of our promotion packages comes with a guaranteed amount of top search engine listings. You pay only for the promotion package you desire with no additional set up fees, or mandatory maintenance involved. Once we have achieved your guaranteed amount of top rankings (usually 1-2 months of initial purchase) then you will be given the option of continuing with our monthly maintenance program. 

What if you get more rankings than are guaranteed?
Nothing. Any additional rankings generated above and beyond those guaranteed as part of your promotion package are yours to keep at not additional charge.

How long does it take to see results?
Sometimes weeks, sometimes months. Each search engine ranks pages on a different, timetable, therefore the time it takes to index a site varies greatly from one search engine to the next. On average we fulfill a promotion contract with 1 to 2 months from the time of purchase. 

How do I know how many rankings you have achieved for us?
Each week we upload reports for you to view. These reports show you your current top positions on the search engines, how many of those rankings we have achieved for you, as well as how much you have invested in our services.

What happens after all my guaranteed rankings are achieved?
At this point you have the option of paying nothing more and letting your promotion account expire, or you can allow us to maintain your newfound top rankings for a small maintenance fee. By providing maintenance, we continue to monitor your site needs, create new targeted search pages, and submit pages as necessary, all to keep the rankings you have and work to generate new rankings each month.

How long will my pages stay ranked?
This varies from search engine to search engine. As you will notice with your weekly reports, rankings change quite often, sometimes from week to week. A good search engine listing is hard-fought and hard-won with many others vying for that position. This is why we provide our Monthly Maintenance option stated above so you are less likely to lose those valued top rankings to your competitors.

Do I really need a listing in the Yahoo or LookSmart directories?
The answer to that question is a resounding YES! While Yahoo remains the most popular search engine on the web, LookSmart claims to reach more internet users through its affiliates. Yahoo claims to reach 65% of the web while LookSmart claims to reach 85%. A listing in both of these directories is very important, so much so that they have both begun to charge to get your site listed. Several of our promotion packages include Yahoo and LookSmart listings along with traditional Pay-Per-Ranking promotion.

Isn't a listing in the Yahoo or LookSmart directories enough?
No. While Yahoo and LookSmart reach are large portion of the internet audience, there are ten or so other search engines that are also highly utilized by searchers, and many of those reach beyond their own listings with their partnerships with other search engines. Many times if users don't find what they are looking for on one search engine or directory they will go to another to perform the same search. Also keep in mind, since Yahoo and LookSmart are directories, not search engines, web sites are listed by categories, not keyword search terms.

What about those 5,000 search engine submission services?
Bogus! Here's the deal: while there are literally thousands of search engines, free for all (FFA) pages and link farms on the Internet, 90% of all searches are performed through the top 20 search engines. And as you probably already know, submitting to a search engine does not guarantee a top ranking. 

How do I know if my site needs to be optimized?
If it hasn't been done, or hasn't been done in a while, you need it. Remember, search engine optimization is more than just throwing a few keywords on the page or into your keyword meta tag. Optimization is strategic analysis of a site for optimal search engine placement. This ranges from utilizing the PROPER and MOST EFFECTIVE keywords for your site, to implementing them strategically on the page and in the code, along with well thought out title and description tags.

How do I know what keywords are best?
We will work with you to develop the most effective keywords for your site. Many people make the mistake of using general keywords (i.e. boots, gifts, cars) rather than keywords that are specific for their site (i.e. "big black boots, "anniversary gifts", "classic ford cars"). Sites that target specific, rather than general, keywords find that people are more likely to find their site on keyword searches, and that more people who visit the site stay or make purchases. After all, you have precisely what they were looking for!

Can't I just do all of this myself?
Of course you can. But watch out! Many who set out to do this themselves only realize later the amount of time and effort involved in achieving top search engine placement. Search engines constantly go through changes in what determines a high-ranking page. Keeping up with those changes can be a daunting--if not time consuming--task. But hey, that is what we do for a living. A ranking is not to be taken for granted, and those who do usually find that they have wasted valuable time and many potential customers while trying to figure this stuff out for themselves rather than just going to the experts to begin with.







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The Web Site Submission Software is made by . Over one million installations of all-in-one web site submission software since 1995.

Top 20 Search Engine Positioning Guaranteed - Hundreds of clients use our top search engine ranking service.

My average "hits" per month prior to using your search engine submission and optimization service were about 60-80,000. Now I'm getting that many "hits" per week... I'd say a good overall investment.
--Mark, Netwell Noise Control

It is a valuable and easy to use tool that automates the process of instantly submitting your web site to over 800,000 engines.
--ZDNET TOP Award Winner

With the ranking utility, I can monitor the position of my website within the top 200 of the major search engines. This is so useful for the ranking professionals, since we can see the progress every 2 weeks. Neat!

Thanks so much for the great help from your technical support department. You are real experienced guys on SE ranking area.
--webwatch Inc.

I use different connection (modem, cable and firewall) to try the tool. They all work very well. The software is pretty suitable for our company situation.
--Posted on ZDnet by D.S.
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